Awnings Protect Your Windows

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Awning Window Protection

Window awnings are a smart addition to upgrading your home or business for multiple reasons.  They extend the life of your windows, help protect your windows from the sun and heat, reduce your electric bill, and look amazing when installed by a professional that provides quality awning fabric and materials.

The average lifespan of a window is twenty years after which the seals and frame of your window will have noticeable degradation, wear, cracks, and signs of age. The biggest way to extend the life of your windows is by installing window awning coverings. This slows the aging process of your windows quickly and drastically, postponing the window replacement time requirement by at least 30% depending on how quickly you install the awnings after the initial window installation.

Awning window coverings increase your home’s energy efficiency by as much as 20% overall. This will reduce your electric bill, help insulate your home or business, and extend the life of your windows. Awnings are not just a curbside appeal feature but are a good investment for your home while saving you money on your electric bill during the hot summer months.