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Compliment for Herbert and Jose For work on Monday 2/27 /23

I needed service on my awning. Herbert and Jose arrived early and they were happy to be working since SoCal has had much rain with canceled appointments.

They were so polite and listened to my explanation as to what I noticed with the awning operation. They both answered my questions and then went to work on servicing. They were efficient and when finished explained what they had done. I was impressed and they are both good representatives for your company. You should be pleased.
Much appreciated,

Van Glagola
Anahiem, CA


Our awning looks great! We would definitely use this vendor for our other properties. Thank you Above All Awnings.

Mike Schauwecker


Adam and Nathan went above and beyond our expectations. Jovial, problem-solving men that aren’t afraid to work. Even the man that came out for the quote was amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll be sending referrals!

Darlene S.
SoMa, San Franscisco, CA



I’ve had a really positive experience with Above all awnings! A friend recommended them to me. Everyone from the company is very professional and friendly. Adam and his partner were very quick and efficient with installation. Adam went above and beyond (no pun intended) by even doing a thorough cleaning and sweeping up of the area after. My new awning is very modern and I love the sleek weather sensor and remote. I would hire them again!

Cecilia F.
Mission Viejo, CA



Hi Victor & Jim,
They have installed the awning today and we are very happy with the results. It came out great.The fabric didn’t stretch as we expected but one of the guys explained to me that due to the cold weather they were unable to stretch any further. Hopefully once the weather gets warmer next week it will sit a little better on it and if not I’ll give you guys a call to have somebody come readjust it.

I have noted on my calendar to have you guys come next year for the yearly maintenance and clean.

We are very happy with your service and Victor’s prompt response to all my calls and emails.

Thank you, Vanessa Estes



Dear Jim,

Thank you for your inquiry, an excellent reflection on your organization.

You can be assured that Jason is a credit to your company. He quickly and expertly evaluated the project and our needs, assessed the scope of the installation and provided an estimate of the cost. Most importantly, he positioned AAA as the best company to provide superior product at a competitive price. As Above All Awnings was the first provider with whom we met, Jason’s presentation was naturally the benchmark against which we compared two subsequent face-to-face meetings with your competitors. While all three pitches were relatively equal, Jason’s presentations stood out to my wife and me as the best, most professional of the three companies. Unfortunately for all of the firms involved, we are looking for a less expensive solution to replace two patio sales installed by the previous owner. We had not intended to spend upwards of $3.000 to $4,000 for such a small project, having already poured more than $45,000 into this home since purchasing it in January, with no previous intentions to do so. However, you can be assured, because of Jason’s professional knowledge, presentation and genuine sincerity, your firm will be the beneficiary of our business should we decide to proceed with a top-of-the-line option. For your information, I was a salesman and marketing professional, including VP of Sales for numerous firms in similar, as well as diverse, endeavors and product scope for a majority of my career before retiring in 2015. I would have been proud to have Jason represent any of my product lines, and would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends, relatives or acquaintances with interest in your product offering.

I trust I understand the impetus of your inquiry and appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Martin T. Haase


We contacted Above All Awnings in December of 2014 about installing an awning on the patio of our newly purchased condo. The sales person came out and explained the different options and from that meeting we purchased it and had it installed January of 2015. We have been very happy with it and it has allowed us to use the patio comfortably during the noon day sun.

Recently we heard the front bar slightly scrape the side wall when the awning retracted. Also, we noticed the fabric that is attached to the front support bar was loose. I called the office and the owner, Jim, came out the following week to look at the issues. He adjusted the angle of the awning so it stops scraping the side wall. He then had his work crew come out that afternoon to adjust the loose fabric. The work crew, David and Nathan, worked about an hour to resolve the issue and we were very pleased with the results.

We would highly recommend using AboveAll Awnings for the product they sell and most importantly for the attentive service they provide.

Henry W.
Palm Springs, CA


Went to Home Expo at Palm Springs Convention Center and purchased motorized retractable awnings. Great job, however six months later, it developed loud squeaking sounds. They sent a rep and had the defective arms replaced. Great service.
Ten months later we have some fabric curling and more problems with the arms. Again, they came back and made corrections and will replace the defective fabric. The point is you can buy from anyone, but the mark of a great company is when they stand behind the sale and make things right. Would recommend “Above All Awnings” to anyone.

David D
Palm Springs


Ladies/Gentlemen, Last Fall I phoned your company for a bid on awnings for my home. I also phoned several other companies for the same purpose. I chose your company because of the presentation given by Mr. Robert Hawkinds and the products you offered. My first order consisted of two bistro type awnings over arched windows. I was so very pleased with them that I considered a second order for a different type of awning with the same same color in another location of my home. This time I ordered several awnings with spears\ At the time of installations of the second order, I noticed a problem. The spears on one Window were not the correct size and I mentioned this to the installer. I said I was leaving for a 3 week vacation the following week, but the correction installation could be done in my absence. A few days ago I returned home and immediately noticed that the correction had been made in my absence and it look perfect. I wished to write to thank Mr. Hawkinds for his help.

Laura J. Ciulik


Hi Everyone! I called and left a long happy message last night about my new awnings but I wanted to make sure you had it in writing so that if you ever wanted a letter of recommendation, you would have it. This morning I rolled down my new energy shade and noticed the difference within minutes. Instead of searing heat coming from my windows, it is a low warmth and I was able to quickly cool my building down and then turn the air co. off! The awnings are perfect and the graphics are huge! No one will ever be able to say they didn’t see our sign as they drive up El Paseo….The installers were polite, efficient, as quiet as they could be and fabulous at what they do. I am placing a call to Baxley properties on Monday so that they will refer all awning business to you instead of “the other guy”. Thank you so much for the great and beautiful job you have done for my business…you are wonderful!!!!!!

Kytti St. Amand

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