Stationary Patio Covers Transform Your Outdoor Space

While patios provide outdoor spaces for recreation and dining, they may be susceptible to elements. The good news is that patio covers provide a relatively low-cost and fast way to reclaim your outdoor space from mother nature.

Patio covers are more robust framed structures that are similar to awnings, which are secondary coverings made of canvas, fabric, or woven acrylic and attached to the exterior wall of a building. They provide extra spaces in your home or establishment where you can relax without fear of exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Here are some benefits.

1. Increasing the Value of your Property

Not only do they provide a great addition to your outdoor relaxation and entertaining space they can increase your property value to potential buyers if you should ever choose to sell your home. Well installed custom patio covers not only boost your curb’s appeal, but also increase the value of your property by choosing a good color, design, and shape that complements the architectural design of the property.

So, if you are planning to sell your home or any other real estate property, integrating patio covers is a great plus. And even if you are not planning on moving, this upgrade will help you prepare for the future.

2. Patio Covers for Outdoor Entertainment

Guests tend to be more comfortable when interacting with mother nature under a canopy. Custom patio covers make this possible because they shield people and pets from UVR and they enjoy a hot summer day in a cool way.

In an event where it starts to rain, rest assured you are still protected. You may also upgrade your patio to include television, sound systems, and fans and create a perfect environment to grab a cold one with friends on a weekend.

3. Low Maintenance

Unlike planting trees, creeping vines on trellises, or bushes, which require regular maintenance, a fabric stationary patio cover requires no maintenance. You get to improve your outdoor spaces with less effort.

4. Porch and Furniture Protection

Sunlight can fade your patio furniture and degrade plastics quickly. It causes discoloration and in extreme cases weakens them. By adding a shade over your porch, you get to protect your valuable outdoor furniture.

5. Energy Efficiency

They help to cool your premises while allowing in natural light. This scenario helps to take off some pressure from the HVAC unit. You may also integrate skylights and solar panels on your custom patio covers, which introduces a clean power alternative.

6. All-Weather Durability

The fabrics that makeup patio covers are resilient and can withstand any weather. Whether it’s snowing or raining, rest assured that your awnings can withstand anything mother nature throws to them. In fact, pthey can last for over 10 years as they are made of the toughest and the most durable material.

Bottom Line

Round Patio CoverUsing patio covers is a great way to extend your livable space while keeping cool in hot weather. They provide great outdoor spaces to relax and rejuvenate while protecting you from the elements.

For more information on stationary patio covers, and how they can transform your outdoor space, contact us.