Spear Awnings Bring A Special Flair

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Stylish Spear Awning Solutions

The spear awning brings your window treatments a special flair and style that is uncommon. When the spear awning was a simple stick and sheet of fabric it was admittedly a plain and simple shield to the blazing sun and heat. Historically, the spear awning was one of the first window solutions for reducing the heat that comes in from the sun pounding on windows that increase the indoor temperature so drastically. Throwing up this simple solution was a fast and effective way to beat the heat.

These awnings are made of quality fabrics and used to not just shade but enrich outdoor space especially entryways, doors, and windows in commercial and residential buildings. These durable fabrics are designed to add elegance and increase the value of the property in question. With well-chosen designs, these awnings play a crucial role in improving your building’s façade and overall appearance.

Today, the spear awning is something so much more than it’s simple origins. Embellished wrought iron spear awning designs abound with beautiful and unique designs that create an elegant window treatment. The large selection of materials that are weather-resistant and long-lasting are endless. We have almost any design and fabric combination you can think of that will tie together the indoor design of your home or business with the outside design, creating a seamless and stylish solution.