Retractable Skylight Awnings

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Skylight Shades

Shade for your Residential or Commercial Indoor and Outdoor Skylights

While skylights can add much-needed light to indoor or outdoor space they may hinder home and business owners from fully enjoying that space because too much light can come in. Skylight shades offer a way to choose how much light enters a space. Remotely operated and easy to use, a powered retractable skylight awning can allow you to enjoy your indoor or outdoor space any time of day you want.

The most impressive feature about skylight awnings is that they allow the owner to manage the light entering the space in question. They come in handy in blocking glare and direct sunlight during the summer, letting in just the right amount of light or blocking it. Through this process, these shades play a crucial role in increasing indoor comfort.

The retractable skylight awnings can either be manual or remote-controlled.  We provide every type of retractable awning solution, a full library of quality and long-lasting Sunbrella material colors and long-lasting materials and parts.  Call us today to schedule your free skylight awning quote: (714) 556-1151