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Retractable Awnings for Patios and Decks

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Motorized Awning Comfort & Convenience

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There is simply nothing like the convenience and comfort of a properly installed retractable awning.  Our professional, efficient and affordable team will arrive at your home or business, take measurements, assess installation requirements and provide you with a custom quote that fits your budget and schedule.  We have over thirty years of retractable awning installation experience and can guarantee that you will receive the best solution at the best cost.

As you may already know, furniture, flooring, wallpapers, and fabrics that get exposed to the sun will begin to deteriorate over time. This is why you are likely to notice a dramatic difference between areas of your home that are exposed to the sun and the ones that are tucked away. Installing a retractable awning over patios, windows or balconies most affected by direct sunlight can help filter out the harmful UV rays.

Stylish retractable awning systems add great value and magnificent aesthetic appeal to the environment they are established. It goes without saying a professionally installed retractable awning system will have any area you want to be shaded looking great while creating new and comfortable spaces around your property. Ultimately, you will be glad to have made the investment.

The retractable awning can either be manual or remote-controlled.  We provide every type of retractable awning solution, a full library of quality and long-lasting Sunbrella material colors and long-lasting materials and parts.  Call us today to schedule your free retractable awning quote: (714) 556-1156

How Do Retractable Awnings Work?

how does a retractable awning work

Retractable awnings are a convenient and efficient way to provide shade and control sunlight exposure in outdoor spaces. Here’s a more detailed explanation of how they work:

  • Retractable Framework: A retractable awning typically consists of a framework, often made of aluminum or steel, which supports the retractable canopy. This frame can be installed on the exterior of a building or as a freestanding structure.
  • Motorized Components: As mentioned, the key to a retractable awning’s operation is its motorized components. These components include an electric motor that controls the extension and retraction of the awning. The motor is usually installed within the frame or housing of the awning.
  • Remote Control: The user operates the awning through a remote control device. This remote is equipped with buttons that allow you to extend or retract the awning as desired. It communicates wirelessly with the motor, sending signals to control its movement.
  • Retractable Canopy: The canopy of the awning is typically made of durable fabric or materials designed to provide shade and protect from the sun’s UV rays. When you press the “extend” button on the remote, the motor activates, and it smoothly unwinds or extends the canopy, providing shade to the designated area.
  • Retraction: Similarly, when you press the “retract” button, the motor reverses, winding up the canopy and folding it back into the housing. This retraction process protects the fabric and framework from adverse weather conditions and extends the awning’s lifespan.
  • Sensors and Safety Features: Many retractable awnings come with advanced sensors for added safety. These sensors can detect environmental changes such as strong winds, rain, or intense sunlight. When adverse conditions are detected, the sensors automatically trigger the awning to retract, protecting it from potential damage. This feature helps ensure the longevity of the awning and prevent accidents in case of sudden weather changes.
  • Ease of Use: The primary advantage of a remote-controlled retractable awning is its user-friendliness. You can easily adjust the position of the awning, controlling the level of shade, with just a press of a button on the remote control. This makes it a convenient and efficient way to manage your outdoor space’s comfort.

In summary, retractable awnings work by utilizing motorized components, controlled via a remote, to extend or retract the canopy as needed. These awnings offer a blend of convenience, protection, and customization for outdoor spaces, making them a popular choice for residential and commercial applications.