Add Beauty to Your Home or Business

Adding custom made awnings to your outdoor space is the best way to transform your outdoor lifestyle and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. A custom high-quality retractable awning can dramatically improve your outdoor spaces, making them usable and enjoyable no matter what the weather.
Also, awnings can do more than shade your space. Less sun exposure helps protect your furniture, the interior of your home, and affords a business a more finished professional appearance.
With design options seemingly limitless, here are 4 custom and retractable awnings that will help you revamp your outdoor space.

Pergola Awnings / Free Standing Awning

Ideal for large decks or outdoor spaces in windy areas, pergola awnings offer the best features of flexibility for mounting structures like a gazebo or trellis. They can stand up to heavy rains, wind, and harmful UV rays all while enhancing a property’s curb appeal. Also, they provide the perfect solution for covering an entire outdoor living space.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings / Retractable patio covers provide a great no-commitment solution to protecting your home from elements and providing a stress-free outdoor living space. Their appearance also compliments homes or businesses with a modern design and a covered space that isn’t permanent or stationary. When extended, you can expect an attractive addition that enhances the appearance and functionality of your space and when not in use, the patio cover can be concealed in a sleek housing that is barely noticeable.

Drop Arm Awnings

Many homeowners have gone through the quite unpleasant experience of having the sun drain the richness of colors inside their homes through solar radiation exposure. Modern drop-arm retractable awnings or side awnings provide the perfect solution for shielding areas all over your home, especially above windows, doors, and small balconies. They also offer the perfect match for privacy from prying eyes with a slightly retro look that instantly enhances your space.
They are available in a wide range of fabric colors and design to beautifully match any space, and the option to fold completely for a sleeker look and unobstructed views at certain times of the day when you are not affected by the sun.

Sun Shade Sails

Providing an incredibly modern custom awning, automatic shade sails are rapidly rising in popularity this year for their range of benefits. They provide the perfect answer to a sun-drenched outdoor space and can cover large areas at a fraction of the time and cost less compared to other awning structures.
Custom shade sails are especially effective in shading outdoor and indoor living spaces with greater sun exposure with a streamlined, stylish, and contemporary look. Also, they are quick to set up and remove, offering a flexible solution especially in areas with drastically changing weather. They come in a variety of sizes and colors making it easy for customization to perfectly compliment the architecture and style of your home or business.
What’s better, is that you enjoy unobstructed views in a bespoke shaded area with effective protection from rain and harmful sunrays. They are great for playgrounds, swimming pools, courtyards, and patios.

Final thought

Given how functional retractable awnings are, homeowners and business alike should be keen to get shade solutions that improve the utility of their outdoor spaces. And with limitless possibilities of customization to meet your design preference, there is always something to suit your décor and budget.

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