Project Description

    Patio Room Covering

    Create an Outdoor Room

    An inexpensive way to create an outdoor living room is by using a free standing canopy. In fact, this might be the cheapest and quickest solution for expanding your living space into the outdoors. The average cost of constructing a new outdoor living space such as a sunroom or screened in porch is now around $25,000+ as the popularity of this type of outdoor enjoyment has risen in popularity in recent years. Creating an outdoor-in living area provides the perfect additional family room, party haven and place to host your guests. Keeping everything outside enables you, your family and your guests to enjoy the fresh air and keep all of the festivities outside which provide for quick clean-up and flexibility for activities and excursions. Taking your get-together activities outside creates an atmosphere that is fun, inviting, flexible and free.

    Avoid the ever increasing cost of constructing an entire outdoor room and opt for the fast and affordable solution of ordering a free standing canopy. You could have your new and affordable outdoor living space ready this week!